ravendreams: (casual)
Ronan Lynch ([personal profile] ravendreams) wrote in [community profile] birdwithoutasong2013-12-15 03:13 pm

I want to sing, maybe not out loud

Who: Ronan Lynch ([personal profile] ravendreams) and Richard Campbell Gansey III ([personal profile] aglionby)
Universe: Canon
What: Ronan, Gansey, Prompt of Angst: Becoming a Monster

[There are several things that this isn't, but the most relevant one at the moment is that isn't Gansey's business. It isn't anyone else's business either, other than Ronan himself, but he isn't having a problem with anyone else. Just with Gansey.]

I'm going out.

[It seems the easiest way to avoid the topic for now.]

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