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Laurent ([personal profile] delatete) wrote in [community profile] birdwithoutasong2017-07-09 08:52 pm

When you’re broken there’s no assurance

Who: Laurent and Damen
Universe: canon au
What: A college AU for Damen and Laurent
Warning: possibly eventual smut, reference to sexual abuse and incest

Laurent could have had a private room. Certainly his family can afford it, but Laurent doesn't control that money. It's all in a trust controlled by his dear uncle, and that same uncle has decided that Laurent needs to learn to socialize, and what better way to do that than sharing a dorm. It is a standard part of the freshman experience, after all.

Laurent hates it.

He’s set up in his room before his roommate arrived and hasn’t been eager to be here when the man arrived. He’s returning from the library now, his hands full of books, but he manages the key and doorknob without any issue (even if it looks like he shouldn’t be able to).

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