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Homeless/Memes )
delatete: (beautiful)
[personal profile] delatete2017-07-09 08:52 pm

When you’re broken there’s no assurance

Who: Laurent and Damen
Universe: canon au
What: A college AU for Damen and Laurent
Warning: possibly eventual smut, reference to sexual abuse and incest

you made a better place )
foepas: (dare you to try)
[personal profile] foepas2016-10-30 09:58 pm

You should've left the light on

Who: Alec and Koujaku
Universe: Carvaka
What: a continuation of a thread from Carvaka
Warning: possible violence, reference to previous violence, suicidal tendencies

And the flames burned away )
arkbound: (Default)
[personal profile] arkbound2016-10-30 02:34 pm
Entry tags:

Climb to the top of your world

Who: Dominic De Luca and Loki
Universe: post-Carvaka
What: another encounter
Warning: none yet

To find that there's nobody there )
Entry tags:

I must have been desperate

Who: Ky Kiske ([personal profile] thispubliclife) and Hawke ([personal profile] the_champion)
Universe: Midnight Syndicate
What: Continuation of a thread, smut, being under the influence of drugs

Butterscotch and Dark Chocolate )
Entry tags:

You’re like a butterfly on a windy day

Who: Ky Kiske ([personal profile] thispubliclife) and Potemkin ([personal profile] burlyheart)
Universe: Guilty Gear Post Xrd
What: A rescue attempt

You use directions in a roundabout way )
firesealed: (Default)
[personal profile] firesealed2015-08-26 05:41 pm
Entry tags:

The hottest days of the summer

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] gearsexual)
Universe: Carvaka-ish
What: Sol, Ky, collars and bondage

Brought us here together )
firesealed: (Default)
[personal profile] firesealed2015-04-10 10:42 pm

Fairytale AU Meme [Open]

Pick one of my characters and I'll toss a disney/fairytale au scenario at you! I've got some rough descriptions of their roles below. You can start, or you can just give their name in a top-level and I’ll write something up. These can be shippy or not, although given the descriptions I’ll probably tend towards that way unless you tell me you don’t want that

Alec: Damsel in distress, suicidal, who thinks this whole thing is stupid and this story can be ended if anyone at any point just solves the problem of the ‘princess’ for good

Annabel: Necromancer, who tries to find love by bringing hers back from the dead

Dominic: Knight, who’s pretty sure that he’s supposed to slay the ‘dragon’ but might end up falling in love with him/her instead

I-No: The evil witch, finds delight in other people’s suffering

Ivy: The persecuted heroine, who badly wants to believe in love but doesn’t really believe that it can trump the facts of life

Kai: Prince charming, careful and earnest, hugely romantic who thinks that life’s course can be changed by love

Ky: Either the hero, earnest but not very good at people, or the damsel in distress who’s going to apologize for having to be rescued

Rose: Ghost girl, who will accept a coat in exchange for being able to touch and feel for a while

Sol: The dragon, why are you waking him up from his nap just to rescue a princess? He doesn’t have time for this crap.

Valentine: The evil king whose goal in all of this is power and also just seeing the ordinary people scramble
tothealtar: (Default)
[personal profile] tothealtar2015-04-10 05:46 pm
Entry tags:

One chilly afternoon, you drew the blind

Who: Kaito and Edmund
Universe: Ariel
What: Taking a thread from Ariel into musebox

Baby it's cold outside )
firesealed: (Default)
[personal profile] firesealed2015-02-21 11:11 pm
Entry tags:

Happy little day, Jimmy went away

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] coconuts)
Universe: Ariel, of sorts
What: Sol, Ky, and the aftermath of having slept together

Met his little Jenny on a public holiday )
foepas: (can't go back)
[personal profile] foepas2014-12-27 05:33 pm

College AU meme [open]

Pick one of my characters and I'll toss a college au scenario at you! I've got some rough descriptions below.

Alec: prickly as can be, likes to pick verbal fights with people stronger than him to show he's smarter, not really concerned with his own safety. Double major in mathematics and astronomy.
Annabel: cheery but socially awkward, prone to babbling. Kind of the mad scientist type. Major in biomedical engineering.
I-No: the bitchiest mean girl, she's loyal when she considers her loyalty earned but she's capricious and enjoys causing others pain. Major in business.
Ky: incredibly earnest, religious, repressed. Army ROTC participation and major in political science
Nyxnissa: practical and prone to arguing with people in a way to try to get them upset, although she doesn't really enjoy that, just can't help herself. Major in mechanical engineering.
Sol: grouchy, not very talkative, lazy but really smart. Major in physics.
Valentine: much more interested in drinking and partying than college classes, in fact pretends to be less smart than he is. Audacious and outrageous. Major in LGBT studies, as much to piss off his conservative father as anything else. Minor in business, because otherwise his father won't pay for college.
Entry tags:

It’s so long that I await

Who: Connor Morgan ([personal profile] gamblersmonk) and Open
Universe: Modern Earth, transplant, not au
What: A coffee shop

This deep breath and this fair day )
bemyangel: (Annabel no friends)
[personal profile] bemyangel2014-08-25 07:32 pm
Entry tags:

All that comforts is not true

Who: Annabel McAlistair ([personal profile] bemyangel) and open
Universe: New Albion
What: TBD

all you love does not love you  )

Looking up I saw nothing

Who: Valen Arrol ([personal profile] competitionsmile) and Vasilica Alin
Universe: Original
What: True love
Warning: to be added

But blue in the bluest sky )
Entry tags:

Sometimes you have to make your own story

Who: Ky Kiske ([personal profile] closedcircuit) and OPEN
Universe: Stripper AU
What: Seriously, the above about describes it.
Warning: what you'd expect from a stripper au, possible consent issues, sexual content.

Sometimes you have to shoot the storyteller in the neck )
firesealed: (Default)
[personal profile] firesealed2014-02-22 10:07 pm
Entry tags:

We light our lamps for atmosphere

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Legault ([personal profile] thismustbelove)
Universe: established relationship-ish AU
What: foot fetish

And hang our hopes on chandeliers )
ravendreams: (casual)

I want to sing, maybe not out loud

Who: Ronan Lynch ([personal profile] ravendreams) and Richard Campbell Gansey III ([personal profile] aglionby)
Universe: Canon
What: Ronan, Gansey, Prompt of Angst: Becoming a Monster

I want a piece of you to walk with me )
in_sects: (Default)
[personal profile] in_sects2013-07-14 09:45 pm

Hold on and you've got to remember

Who: Rhys Dashasa ([personal profile] in_sects) and Koriand'r ([personal profile] trainedbywarlords)
Universe: Zodion-ish
What: Rhys, Star, and a night out

Hold on and you've got to be strong )
firesealed: (smirk: amused)
[personal profile] firesealed2013-06-03 06:35 pm
Entry tags:

I'd rather laugh with the sinners

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] juste_ou_mort)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Ky, not recognizing each other, dancing

Than cry with the saints )
firesealed: (body: yeah and)
[personal profile] firesealed2013-06-03 06:34 pm
Entry tags:

Sooner or later it comes down to fate

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] juste_ou_mort)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Ky, awkward date night

I might as well be the one )
firesealed: (body: sitting)
[personal profile] firesealed2013-06-03 06:33 pm
Entry tags:

You didn't count on me when you were counting on your rosary

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] juste_ou_mort)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Ky, first time
Warning: Sex

And they say there's a heaven for those who will wait )