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Dominic De Luca ([personal profile] arkbound) wrote in [community profile] birdwithoutasong2016-10-30 02:34 pm
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Climb to the top of your world

Who: Dominic De Luca and Loki
Universe: post-Carvaka
What: another encounter
Warning: none yet

Dominic’s fingers flexed around the knife he’d drawn as soon as he’d wound up in this place. The trees grew tall around him, but the underbrush was thick enough to obscure easy vision of what might be present.

This wasn’t Between, it was like nothing he had seen from the place, and no matter how much he tried to lie to himself, nothing appeared in his other hand, so he was left with just the knife and all the other weapons that he had on him at the time (somewhere between fifteen and thirty).

He heard a rustling in one of the bushes and pivoted towards it. “Identify yourself.”

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