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I must have been desperate

Who: Ky Kiske ([personal profile] thispubliclife) and Hawke ([personal profile] the_champion)
Universe: Midnight Syndicate
What: Continuation of a thread, smut, being under the influence of drugs

It’s not something he should feel, not in this place when none of these people are his wife and none of them are obligated to him, and yet he can hear the pounding of his own heart, the need to have and claim and keep.

“It’s too crowded here,” he says, voice firm. “Let’s find somewhere more private.” His blue eyes are earnest and steady. He won’t be denied, will he be?


Hawke didn't think he felt the effects of any of these chocolates yet. Honestly, he thought this was just a load of rubbish and that people were just acting on whatever inner desires they had with the guise of the chocolates, but he was wrong. Very wrong. Their laced magic started to alter him, and he suddenly felt the strange need to be incredibly subservient.

He wasn't that type of person, but he wanted to call someone master desperately. With blown pupils, he tried to leave the dining hall to escape his own desire. Maybe if he didn't see anyone, the magic would wear off, but instead he happened to bump directly into a familiar blond.

The mage stared blankly for a moment, feeling heat take over his face at Ky's words. He absently licked his lips and looked away for a moment.

Please,” He glanced back over to him, almost shy to make direct eye contact. "Tell me whatever you want, and it is yours tonight."


Ky lifted a hand to wrap it around Hawke’s bicep, less to control or grab him than to anchor them together. Hawke didn’t seem to have any desire to leave him, and neither did Ky desire to let him.

“You,” Ky said, because that answer was simple.

“Come this way.” And Ky would lead Hawke off, away but what better place than Ky’s own room?


The urge to please took over completely, and as soon as he locked eyes with Ky, he was smitten. That would be his master for the night- No, as long as he wanted. Time was irrelevant. He couldn't imagine serving anyone else. His eyes looked down as he followed closely behind Ky.

"Ah, master?” Hawke kept his voice quiet, only wanting Ky to hear his words. He was all his, afterall. "Where are you taking me?"


Even now, Ky blinked at the title, not sure what to make of it. He wanted Hawke, but it was enough to have him, to keep him the way he would be. “It’s Ky,” he said, like a reminder, before he added, still confused on the purpose of it, “Your Majesty if you wish to address me formally.” It was mostly a dry joke, because what sort of formal address could there be right now?

“We’re going to my room. I would not have others watch.”


"O-Oh, right..." Hawke kept his eyes averted away from Ky as they approached the door to his room. He didn't want to ruin his chances of displeasing someone he held in high regard. "My apologies, I won't make that mistake again..."

Hawke swallowed thickly, imagining the possibilities before him in the King's room. His thoughts idly wandered. Maybe Ky could tie him up for his mistake.

"I'm all yours," Hawke nodded as he finally looked up towards him. "Ky, please."


Ky smiled warmly at Hawke, and he reached out to run his hand over the man’s cheek, to bring them together. It would be easy to forget about propriety right now, but Ky held on to it, pulled away enough to unlock the door and get them both inside.

And then he relaxed, let the notion of control go, focusing instead on the fact that Hawke was here, and his, and that the other man even agreed he was Ky’s.

Ky’s voice was still warm and pleased. “You are. Now take off your clothes, for me.”
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The gentle touch against the mage's cheek put him at ease immediately, and he leaned into the warmth of his hand. His dark dilated eyes met the blue pools of Ky's, smiling slightly as he relaxed his body at his presence.

"Ah..." Hawke pulled away at his request though, wanting nothing more than to obey whatever desire Ky had in mind. He tried to swallow down the sudden nervousness as he started to unbutton his dress shirt. Formal wear was always a pain to get out of. He glanced away as he pulled off his shirt, revealing his hairy, toned torso to the King.
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Hawke already started to unbuckle his belt, but he was distracted by Ky's words. He was drawn in, and wanted him to command the mage further. He ran his tongue across his dry lips before closing the gap between them and pressing his lips firmly against the blonde's hungrily. He didn't want to be too bold, but at the same time, he wanted to goad Ky into commanding him further, perhaps even punishing him for his insubordinate actions. He made a soft noise of approval and pressed his hips against the other's, moving a hand between them to help push off some of those layers standing in their way.