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Ky Kiske ([personal profile] thispubliclife) wrote in [community profile] birdwithoutasong2016-02-07 05:56 pm
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You’re like a butterfly on a windy day

Who: Ky Kiske ([personal profile] thispubliclife) and Potemkin ([personal profile] burlyheart)
Universe: Guilty Gear Post Xrd
What: A rescue attempt

Ky was used to disaster after disaster, with the idea that he was always dealing with the next problem, no matter what it was. That didn’t mean that he liked it, even if he had resigned himself to the notion many years previous. But that was when it was himself at risk, when he had to stay optimistic and strong for the people he could protect.

That was before his son had gone missing.

However, Ky had never been good at feeling helpless, so he came up with a plan of attack, filled with backups and contingencies that would help him do the best he could. The good news was that Zepp had been willing to lend their support for something that Ky couldn’t afford to have turn political, and now Ky paced while he waited for Potemkin to show.

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