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You’re like a butterfly on a windy day

Who: Ky Kiske ([personal profile] thispubliclife) and Potemkin ([personal profile] burlyheart)
Universe: Guilty Gear Post Xrd
What: A rescue attempt

Ky was used to disaster after disaster, with the idea that he was always dealing with the next problem, no matter what it was. That didn’t mean that he liked it, even if he had resigned himself to the notion many years previous. But that was when it was himself at risk, when he had to stay optimistic and strong for the people he could protect.

That was before his son had gone missing.

However, Ky had never been good at feeling helpless, so he came up with a plan of attack, filled with backups and contingencies that would help him do the best he could. The good news was that Zepp had been willing to lend their support for something that Ky couldn’t afford to have turn political, and now Ky paced while he waited for Potemkin to show.
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Potemkin's normal entrance was to crash on the ground after being dropped from thousands of feet in the air, but in this mission a little more delicacy was asked for. He simply walked in like a normal person. A normal person who causes deep vibrations every time he takes a step. That was as much stealth that Ky would get out of him. This wasn't a concern for Potemkin, as he always believed that how one carried oneself was an illustration of one's values, and it was reminder of Zepp's pride and independence in front of the High King. It might not be the most productive to the mission though depending on the details, but now was the time to find out.

"On the orders of Zeppian High Command, Secret Service Agent Potemkin reporting, Your Highness."
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Ky Kiske is completely right; there are innumerable nefarious plans someone with ill intent could devise with the extraordinary power of the High King's son. Or maybe they wanted to use just his simple existence as leverage. Sin couldn't incite international alarm on sight like the daughter of Justice, but he had been cloistered from the public eye for a reason.

Once again his President shows his invisible connections. To question them would be as unthinkably out of character as kicking a puppy on the street, so Potemkin listens to the briefing without so much as a blink of surprise.

"No apologies are needed, from now on this is a mutual goal between the King of Illyria and President Gabriel of Zepp. Where were his last reported sightings?"

Given his lifestyle, he can't assume that the last witness was Ky himself.
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"Afraid of tipping your hand I must be very difficult for you to hold yourself back, but I'm sure it was the smartest maneuver to do."

Thanks to Sin's unique physiology, there are indirect ways of detecting him without physically visiting the area however.

"We can start with a magical-body scan of the city boundaries. From then we should be able to tell which direction it went." Or was forcibly dragged to, but keeping a neutral tone is the best Potemkin can do at being comforting while they still have the most crucial work ahead of them. Potemkin starts the motions to dial up Zepp Intelligence to run the scan.
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"There's artificially set tracers, spells set off in the area that conceal the results from other magic sources, signal dampeners, magic particle scrubbers..." he rattles off while the communicator attached to his arm hums in standby. There's no way for them to accelerate what's happening miles from here, the tests to be done, data to be processed, results to be analyzed. He might as well be waiting for a tea kettle to boil.

"No method is perfect however. The precision of our instruments has been set to make the smallest error stand out." It's a proud statement, but there is no ego-wagging to it - he absolutely means that the most sophisticated resources in the world will go to saving his son.

Eventually some minutes go on. It's hard to tell if it's made more awkward or less by how Potemkin does not move at all during it.
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Taking a seat would be rude, wouldn't it? Potemkin stands like a statue in contrast to Ky, who definitely isn't looking to sit down either. Potemkin only gives more silence when Ky speaks up, while he races thinking of a better answer.

Then he's saved by a ping. Potemkin reads aloud the report, eyes trailing over it.

"The estimation is that from Paris the tracked signal was moved to coordinates 49.092275, 1.706543.

That is one of the exposed sites of the Post-War Administration Bureau's activities, isn't it?" They were littered around the world, overturned like the burrows of farm rats, but perhaps there's more to this one.
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