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The hottest days of the summer

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] gearsexual)
Universe: Carvaka-ish
What: Sol, Ky, collars and bondage

Sol wasn’t exactly expecting to hear from Ky so soon, but the message that he’d gotten was simply a request for help, and the kid wouldn’t ask if he didn’t need it. Still, that didn’t mean he was expecting what he saw when he forced open the door to Ky’s cabin. Sol shut the door behind him, figuring he could give the man his privacy from everyone else while he took in the vision of a collar around his neck, hands bound behind him.

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Ky was as huffy as one would expect him to be, a sour expression on his face as he attempted to twist his wrists free. They were well-bound by thick, wide leather restraints that connected to the matching collar from behind. When he tugged against the bindings in frustration, he could feel the collar tug against his throat in response.

Even lightning did little to rend the restraints. Unable to handle a blade properly from this position, he was left with little choice but to knock his device close by so he could call Sol. This situation was humiliating, but surely fire could prosper where lightning failed. That is, if these restraints weren't 'different' in the same sense the unbreakable thread that linked him and Sol together was.

Once Sol entered and shut the door, Ky shifted from where he was seated to face him. There was a little shame in his posture, but more relief in his face than anything. His hair was loose and he was completely bare except for the dark leather against his throat, which contrasted strongly against his pale skin. There was no hiding it, so he didn't bother attempting to.

"Thank Heaven you're here," he said. "I don't know how this happened, but I can't get out. I need you to break this." He gestured towards his back with a turn of his head. "As soon as you can, if possible."
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Ky tried his best to remain composed, sitting quietly and calmly despite Sol's glances and the small smirk. He wanted to protest, but held himself back. He could only imagine what thoughts ran through Sol's mind at the sight of him like this. Perhaps Sol thought Ky deserved this or found it humorous.

Or perhaps Sol thought he looked like some kind of pervert, sitting completely exposed for all to observe. Ky felt that way, at least, some shame creeping into his cheeks as Sol moved behind him. How low must he look — how shameful. He wouldn't be surprised if what little respect Sol might have for him was further diminished after this.

Ky's thoughts were cut short as he felt heat burning behind him. He braced himself and hoped the fire would work.
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The heavy sigh that came from Ky was, honestly, a telling enough reaction. Part of him expected this would be the case. Of course it wouldn't be so easy, and of course there wouldn't be a normal solution to this problem. He already guessed what it could possibly be, even as he thought to contact Sol for help.

"...I was afraid that would be the case," he said wearily, head hanging low. "God forbid this could be solved in a logical way."

He turned his head to look back at Sol over his shoulder. Ky knew what he should try to ask for now, but the words refused to be spoken. Instead, after a brief pause, he simply said: "Thank you for trying."
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"Don't you mean just the one?" He quipped, though his voice was lacking the right amount of humor to make it sound lighthearted. It just sounded tired, honestly. Though, after all this time, he really shouldn't be so surprised the solution always turns out to be an opportunity for sex. He just couldn't help the initial protest that always popped up.

He twisted his wrists in their bindings. Not trying to break out of them, but trying to figure out how far he could move. It wasn't much.

"We could deal with this directly, but..." He shifted again, a little irritably. " is that possible like this? I cannot move my arms from this position."
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Ky gave him a skeptical look, though it wasn't one of distrust. 'Creative' wasn't exactly a characteristic he would label Sol, but he supposed it wasn't really surprising for Sol to have a better idea for this kind of situation. Maybe it was more fortunate that Sol apparently didn't mind the inconvenience. Ky certainly couldn't imagine how this could work or why someone would be want to have intercourse with a person who is too bound to touch them.

"That would be fine," he said. "I'm at a loss for ideas, I'm afraid."
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A shame Sol didn't know about Ky's little bout with Clay, otherwise he might've reluctantly agreed to the position purely due to previous experience. (Even if that previous experience was rare, and Ky was certainly under a 'duress' of sorts due to the plants.) Not that he would admit it directly; no matter how often he has engaged in 'casual' sex, he wasn't about to go around talking about what he has done.

Without Sol telling him what to expect, he was left puzzling over the possibilities. He should have expected it from Sol, he thought as his lips were caught. It was probably telling how long he had been here, as he reacted almost immediately — mouth pressed back, lips parting, tongue tracing the bottom of Sol's lip after a moment. He's certainly gotten better at this.
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"Mm." A small, muffle sound escaped him before he could catch it. Sol's tongue was expected and welcomed, and Ky's own tongue moved to greet it without hesitation.

He tried to lean into the kiss a bit, halting after he felt the leather hold him back. How irritating! He couldn't help the way his brows furrowed at the feel of them. Intercourse was supposed to be the involvement of both persons, wasn't it? What could he offer if he couldn't touch anyone? He did his best to shove the questions aside, trying to be patient.