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One chilly afternoon, you drew the blind

Who: Kaito and Edmund
Universe: Ariel
What: Taking a thread from Ariel into musebox

“Anything you want, that I can give.” Kai breaks away from the eye contact then, finding it too much. Instead he gazes into the fire, letting the flame fill his eyes as he whispers a confession that he only imagines must be sinful, even as he’s not a religious man. He still thinks he knows how this should work, thinks that one can’t feel the way he does about Ryoji, and then feel the way he does about Edmund and have it be right. Surely the one must take away from the other, surely only one should be the case.

“Edmund, I… I love you.” And if it’s softly said, and if Kai doesn’t look up once he’s said it, his teeth biting on his bottom lip and his whole body tensed for something, it’s still as true as anything that Kai has ever said.