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Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) wrote in [community profile] birdwithoutasong2015-02-21 11:11 pm
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Happy little day, Jimmy went away

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] coconuts)
Universe: Ariel, of sorts
What: Sol, Ky, and the aftermath of having slept together

Of course Sol feels guilty about what he’d done with Ky. He hadn’t exactly been planning on it, and he was pretty sure he knew better. It had all just been so easy, his blood pumping so easily and even when he thinks back about it he’s been as much aroused by the memory as he feels bad about it.

Still, he knows it has to be eating Ky up alive, because the way he figures it the kid was a virgin, and certainly wouldn’t have imagined doing something with another man, with Sol even less.

On the other hand, Sol’s not going to be the one to have that conversation. He’s just going to hang out near Ky’s apartment, so that when the kid does decide he wants to talk, Sol’ll be there. He owed him that much, at least.

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