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Sometimes you have to make your own story

Who: Ky Kiske ([personal profile] closedcircuit) and OPEN
Universe: Stripper AU
What: Seriously, the above about describes it.
Warning: what you'd expect from a stripper au, possible consent issues, sexual content.

Comment for some fun.
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Here for some fun!! Do you want to hash out details or should I just throw out a post?
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all right all right, i'll throw out a post in a little while!!
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[Yer on your own this weekend, kid. Those were his mentor's parting words before heading off for a massive hunt. For whatever reason, he didn't want Venom involved, so the boy had quite a bit of free time on his hands.

He decides to explore the city, checking out different places but keeping mostly to himself. He was never fond of talking to strangers as he preferred the company of his traveling companion. He tries to make a little progress by going into a club.

It's dimly lit with a few patrons dotting the room. Venom finds a free spot, away from everyone else. He orders a drink, oblivious to what kind of club he's entered.]
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[Venom's eyes shoot open when the dancer takes the stage. Just what kind of place is this? The blonde captures Venom's attention easily as he sips his drink.

Once that belt comes off, the questions start brewing. And Venom's trying very hard to keep his mouth shut.]
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[All Venom can do is watch intensely. Is he going to take off his clothes in front of everyone? Why? He bites his lip, wanting to awkwardly ask the dancer so many things, but he's behaving himself.

The way the blonde moves is almost soothing, and as Venom stares, a few patrons begin to pull out their cash.]
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[A couple of patrons next to Venom shell out a few dollars onto the table, waving to the dancer. Confused, Venom sits back, wondering why such a pretty young man would do this for money. Then his attention turns back to Ky, who has peeled away a good portion of his clothing.

He feels his cheeks getting hot, not unlike the time he peeked in on his mentor in the shower. As he contemplates reaching for his own wallet, he toys with one of his beaded braids.]
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[The hunter tries his hardest not to stare, but Ky's so endlessly captivating that Venom can't help diving into his money. He shyly waves his cash in an attempt to draw the dancer's attention. He clears his throat as well.]

Um, pardon me.
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[Venom can barely get a word out when the dancer rests against him. He's never had anyone so close to him before in such a way. But before he can gather his thoughts, the dancer's already pulled away.

He wants to give him more money, but he needs that for the rest of his weekend.]
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[Venom's voice is barely audible as he reaches for Ky. He pouts and puts his wallet away, drowning his disappointment in his drink. Still, he watches Ky strip down, appreciating such a lovely body.]
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[The hunter watches the other patrons count out their remaining cash as they go back and forth about whether or not to continue. He reluctantly pulls out his own wallet again. Sol would be irritated if Venom spent all of his money so frivolously, but to have the dancer near him...

He takes out a good portion of his cash and shyly waves at the blonde.]

I hate to bother you again...
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I'm not sure how this works. Never been in such a strange place before.

[Venom offers Ky the cash and quickly stuffs his wallet back into his pants.]
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Move slowly? What?

[The confused Venom gets up from his seat, allowing Ky to lead him to the room.]

Where are we going?
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[Venom's heart races. His awkward side is telling him to thank the kind dancer for his time and run away. He can hide out under his hotel bed for the rest of the weekend.]

I... um... okay.

[He briskly walks past Ky and into the room, taking a seat on the plush couch.]
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[Venom's jaw drops when Ky sits down in his lap. Those blue eyes are wide with excitement and anxiety as shaky hands try to steady themselves on Ky's bare thighs.]

I-I've never done anything like this before. I just wanted to get to know you better, really.

[He hardens underneath Ky, and the slight discomfort shows on his face.]
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Oh... um... what are you going to do?

[The poor boy looks lost and confused and very aroused. He gulps as he stares at Ky's lovely face.]
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[The friction causes Venom to grip Ky's thighs; a new, unique sensation races through the young hunter's body as he loudly voices his approval.

And he doesn't even know the dancer's name...]
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[All of Venom's thoughts are going haywire as his body deals with the sensation known as arousal. His erection strains against his pants, and an unfamiliar intensity grows within him.]

Y-you feel really nice... and... ah...
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I... guess so... but...

[The poor boy doesn't know what to do with himself. His body's clearly begging for release, his fingers curling against the dancer's thighs.]
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[Venom finds that release rather abruptly. It washes over Venom with a very loud moan when the grinding hit him in just the right spot.

His grip on the dancer's thighs loosen.]

Ohh... oh fuck...
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[It takes a few moments for Venom to come down from that amazing high thanks to Ky's continued grinding. His breaths are hot and labored.]

That was... amazing...
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[Venom's beyond pleased; his eyes half-lidded with a smile on his face. After such a lovely performance, he almost wants to see what the dancer will do if he empties his wallet. But then he imagines Sol berating him and not allowing him any more free time.

He tries to gently nudge Ky off his lap.]

Thank you...
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[The hunter just may visit again, as he's quite smitten. It takes him a while, but Venom eventually gets to his feet.]

You as well, sir.

[He offers a little smile.]
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[That smile grows a bit wider.]

I'm Venom.

[He walks up to Ky and gives him a quick peck on the cheek.]
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I'll be sure to do that.

[Venom smiles awkwardly and excuses himself out of the room. Now to make up an excuse to Sol as to way a good chunk of his cash is missing.]