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We light our lamps for atmosphere

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Legault ([personal profile] thismustbelove)
Universe: established relationship-ish AU
What: foot fetish

It had been a long day, but that didn't really bother Sol any, since he'd had longer, and for all his usual laziness, he didn't have the same limits that an ordinary person might.

He looked the perfect picture of ease at the moment, relaxed in a chair in the corner. Every once in a while the bartender appeared to ask an order, and Sol ordered another beer or another shot, but he was waiting for someone, and not going anywhere until he showed.
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Legault liked to arrive just a few minutes late. It was never enough to make someone angry that they’d been kept waiting for long, but it was usually just enough time to annoy them, just enough time to where they’d have to be pestered by a server or bartender once or twice. Today was no different, and he enjoyed seeing the look on Sol’s face when he finally arrived.

Well. The look on Sol’s face didn’t always change, but it was still fun.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting,” he purred as he took his seat. He could have sat next to Sol, like a boyfriend, but he instead took a seat across from him. They weren’t going to fuck here, so it didn’t matter where he sat. “You’ve already started drinking without me? I’m truly hurt.”
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“I’m almost insulted that you have to drink so much just to tolerate me.” It was more teasing from him; he knew Sol wasn’t fond of his talkativeness to begin with, so he ribs at himself just a little before quickly ordering a drink. Something light, because he’s still not fond of being overly intoxicated.

It’s also better to order something light so that they can leave more quickly. One is enough for him.

“I think I’ll leave most of the drinking to you, like usual, Sol. I doubt you want to spend the entire night here.”
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If Legault had known that Sol enjoyed drinking with him, he would have teased him for it. As such, it was probably better he didn’t know for that very reason. He’d come to enjoy the other’s body, sure, but it was fun for him as well...even if he barely knew anything about the other man. He didn’t bother trying to find out more about him.

“I’m sure we can. Or we can go somewhere I’ve already prepared for us.” He took a long drink from his beer, and leaned forward just so he could be a bit closer before he said anything else. “I think you’ll enjoy this one, just between you and me.”

But he wouldn’t say anything more, and he leaned back, hoping his vagueness intrigued Sol at least a little. He could feel smug about that.
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Conversely, if Sol had decided to look into Legault’s past even a little bit, he’d have been met with various rumors about where he’s stuck his knife in the past. Getting a more clear answer would be difficult, but the rumors about him weren’t particularly kind and he had plenty of enemies.

In fact, Legault always acted on the assumption that Sol had looked into it, just so he wouldn’t be surprised if it ever came up. But right now, they were just drinking, and Sol was the farthest thing from an enemy. They at least knew each other’s bodies well enough, and Legault caught that interest in his eye right away.

“I certainly hope it lives up to your expectations, then. I couldn’t stand disappointing you.”
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The longer Sol waited to finish his drink, the more aggressive Legault got. Of course, he wasn’t so brazen as to start making out with him in public or to embarrass him in any way. He did move his hand to rest on Sol’s knee and then thigh, leaning forward as he said a few things about what he’d been up to, just waiting for that drink to be gone.

And now that it was, he was fishing money out of his pocket and leaving it on the table. He wasn’t paying for dinner, really, because he’d picked a few dollars off a drunk man on his way in.

“Well, shall we get going?”
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He would have never tempted Sol with the promise of something new without making sure it was nearby. He was especially lucky today, because he had moved that exciting something close to the bar where they had been drinking.

“It’s this way,” he announced suddenly, grabbing Sol’s arm and leading him through an alley that led to an empty parking lot. Their destination should have been clear, as there was one car with tinted windows. It looked new despite it obviously being stolen (Legault wasn’t perfect!), and he figured it was big enough for Sol to enjoy.

“I thought I’d bring the location to us this time, unless you’re not in the mood.”

[I left the car vague to see what you'd prefer—it could be something like a limousine with plenty of room, we can go with something more cramped, or we can skip the car entirely and it can just be transportation.]
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Finding a backseat that was big enough for Sol’s broad body had been a challenge in and of itself, but Legault was pleased with the results. Tight quarters, nothing but muscle and heat...well, no matter which position he ended up in, he was going to feel like the real winner.

“I’m extremely flattered,” he stated as he reached for Sol’s hand, key in his palm so he could pass it on to him. While he was standing close, he dared to rub his knee against the obvious bulge in his partner’s pants, humming in approval. “And I can tell you are.” Sol wouldn’t be able to open the car door with Legualt leaning against him, and that was very counter-productive for why they met that night, so Legault stepped away and moved over to the car door, waiting for Sol to unlock it. “It’s not easy trying to impress you sometimes. I thought you should know.”
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“I suppose there are worst things I could do with my evening,” he says as he steps closer to the car. Sol might want to undress outside of it, but he effortlessly takes off his shirt and tosses it out of the way into the front seat. It’ll give Sol something nice to look at. “If it weren’t for you, I’d probably be...borrowing cars all night.”

He wastes no time, only resisting the original shove long enough for him to take his shirt off. He climbs into the backseat and turns over so he’s sitting against the window on the opposite side. He extends an arm, ready to pull Sol in.
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A quick check behind him confirmed that his door was unlocked, so he reached awkwardly behind him long enough to flip the door into the locked position. There were so many things to think about now that they were in a car—who knows, this might end up going horribly wrong.

“Ah, right. Thanks for the advice. I wouldn’t put it past you to push the door off somehow.” The door and himself. Whether or not he knew Sol was capable of such a feat mattered little, because it was all a joke to him. He was already having fun, pinned hard (and somewhat uncomfortably) into the seat. He pulled Sol closer and moved his leg against Sol’s crotch in an attempt to stimulate him further. “Yes, what would I do without you?”
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Regardless of how much he loves this new position, getting harder and having Sol pressed completely against him, he still winces when he feels both the belt and the seatbelt digging into him. He reaches behind him and, with great effort, manages to push the seat belt's receiving end back into the cushioning. Much better.

And being this close, well, he can't help but laugh. They usually aren't this close, even while they're fucking, but now Sol is right in front of him. Everywhere. There's nowhere he can go except for the other's body.

"You're warm as usual," he purrs before making an attempt to kiss Sol. He doesn't move much, not right now, not when he's lost in the feeling of all that heat over him.
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The intimacy is so different—having never done this before, and only deciding to do so on a whim, even he’s surprised by it. He takes care of a few pieces of clothes without help from Sol, namely his shoes and socks, and he uses his foot to push them so they fall off the seat where they’ll be out of the way. He’s also careful not to press his feet against the window; the last thing they need is footprints there.

It’s a bit more difficult to get his pants off thanks to the very heavy weight on top of him, but he’s willing to work with Sol’s body to get as much of their clothes off as they can. There’s cooperation involved—a belt Sol can’t reach, something Legault can’t quite push off without Sol letting him lean forward. It’s fun, and it gives his hands plenty of excuses to wander.
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Their clothes would be so much easier to take off if one of them didn’t wear so many belts. The drive to take off their clothes is one shared by Legault, but he can’t say that he doesn’t like the struggle, either. Sure, he’s eager to shove those clothes to the side and feel Sol’s warmth against his exposed chest, but their bodies writhing against each other as they do? He won’t complain about that.

His own eyes don’t stray as he lends a helping hand to Sol’s pants. He knows the other’s body and wardrobe well enough by now to do this without looking, it’s just that his hands take a detour, groping him firmly through the fabric before assisting. He doesn’t say anything when he does, he just grins helplessly like he’s a fool who can’t help himself.
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There’s never been any doubt in Legault’s mind that those belts could be useful one day. He’s likely mentioned it more than once, and at least once at a completely inappropriate time, such as while they’re seated at a table before they head out to have sex. Right where someone can overhear him if he speaks just a little louder. He’ll convince him to use them one of these days.

They haven’t even started proper yet, and he’s already sweating from just the heat and the friction combined. He doesn’t speak much—only to say “a little to your left” or to give a short instruction so that they can finish faster, but once they’re both almost naked he figures Sol can figure it out and he can kick his own pants off. The car will be rocking soon, so he’d much rather focus on feeling Sol up while he still can, almost trying to distract him while he finishes by tracing his own long fingers over Sol’s nipples.
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There has never been a time where they’ve had sex where Legault’s forgotten the lubricant. Ignoring how painful fucking would be without it (for both of them), Sol still isn’t someone he wants inside of him without plenty of it. There’s a rare grunt that serves as an answer, and he leans away from Sol so he can fish around the seat in front of him for something. He’s not entirely focused, so it takes him a few tries before there’s the sound of his hand hitting paper and him pulling the bag back.

“Just...hold on,” he mutters as he dumps the bag out, catching the lubricant before it hits the floor of the car. There’s other items in the bag—two cans of cheap beer and condoms. Sol is welcome to use them if he likes, but they’re provided as more of a courtesy. “Lean back,” he spits out before spreading his legs as much as he can. Given the awkward angle, he chooses to apply the lubricant to his own fingers and stretch himself instead of letting Sol do it. It’s not something he’s ever done in front of this man, but this is more efficient. Sol can lube himself up in the meantime.
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The grin that crosses Legault’s face as he realizes Sol is watching him is as shit-eating as ever. He knows he’s putting on a good show; the impatience the other is practically radiating is even more delicious, so he slows down just a little, a small pant or a sharp intake of breath occasionally coming from him as he stretches himself. Of course, the sight of Sol slicking himself up is just as delicious. He’s never had the opportunity to watch Sol touch himself, and he wonders if he can get him to do that later.

And for the beers, well, that just shows how much he cares. He’s a nice guy, really, stealing cars and buying beers for them. It isn’t much longer before Legault is wiping his hand on the roof of the car and props himself up a bit more. He winces as he makes himself comfortable against the car door behind him, but he thinks he’s got this.

“You done yet? I know you’ve got a lot of, ah, skin to cover with that, but I’d rather feel you than watch you.”

Tonight. He’ll gladly watch another night.
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As much as Legault acts like someone who’s been around the block a few times, this is still something new to him. It’s a little silly, maybe—as much fun as being fucked into the car is going to be for him, it’s almost like he’s trying to impress Sol with this idea. It’s a bit more...masculine than his normal ideas. Cars. Beer. Grand theft auto. ...Well, he’s still conveniently leaving that last part out.

He almost wishes he’d turned the car on, but there’s something appealing about just the raw heat of their bodies trapped in this small space, too. There won’t be anything in their worlds except each other, and he’s already feeling that. He can feel Sol slowly pressing himself inside, can’t see anything past him, certainly can’t smell anything than their scents and that of the lube.

It’s the slowness that makes him tilt his head back and attempt to stifle a moan. He’s used to him moving a bit faster than this. He can already tell this is a great idea.
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His hands quickly find a place on Sol’s shoulders, legs finding a footrest on the other side of Sol. If he lets Sol fuck him without a good grip, he’s pretty sure he’ll end up getting a concussion on the car door. That’s exciting, though. Everything is a little uncomfortable, but this is also just about as cramped as he could get with another body.

He’ll have to be creative more often, he thinks, especially if Sol is going to be this receptive in the future.

The slowness is an appreciated change, and it allows him to appreciate this a little more. But it also leaves him focused enough that he can still talk, and that’s always a bad idea. "You ever done this before?"
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He loves to talk and to tease, but the reaction from Sol is more than enough to get him to shut up. He can take a hint. It's a rare talent, being so gifted (annoying) when it comes to talking, but he refuses to ever let that get in the way of a good fuck. Besides, some people actually find him charming. That he has Sol in bed (repeatedly) must be a miracle of some sort.

So he says nothing. Well, he doesn't say another word, but his mouth opens for a gasp, a sharp intake of air following as Sol pressed in all the way steals his breath yet again. It's all he can do to make this just as enjoyable for his friend, so he pushes back to meet those thrusts, his nails digging in just a little—not enough to leave a mark, just so he can hold himself steady.
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He is well aware of the fact that if he ever sweeps Sol off his feet it will be because he’s been sweeping carelessly. Some people like to be charmed. Sometimes, he’s one of them. But there’s more than some appeal to doing things differently, doing things like they’re animals instead of people. While a jacked car and booze might be flattering, they’re not mean to charm Sol. They’re just nice things to go along with an even better activity.

The car is already rocking. It’s going to be impossible to hide. Legault is cunning enough that he knows he can get Sol off in a car without making it move much, but having Sol do the fucking means this car is going to move. And he can feel it as Sol thrusts into him again. He doesn’t gasp that time, but he does swear under his breath and pant and push back against Sol, anything to encourage him to keep going.