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Rhys Dashasa ([personal profile] in_sects) wrote in [community profile] birdwithoutasong2013-07-14 09:45 pm

Hold on and you've got to remember

Who: Rhys Dashasa ([personal profile] in_sects) and Koriand'r ([personal profile] trainedbywarlords)
Universe: Zodion-ish
What: Rhys, Star, and a night out

It seemed like a good way to get to know her better, to be able to sit formally across the table at a fancy restaurant (nice enough that Rhys would never have been able to afford the like back in Nasheen, but it was different here, where no one refused to hire him because of the color of his skin, or the fact that his ability to do magic wasn't so good after all).

It wasn't really a date, not in his mind anyway, because that would require communication between her family and his, and lead somewhere much faster than this. It was just the chance to talk to her with sex not being directly on the table, the chance to have a civilized conversation with a woman whose presence he enjoyed.

"Do you have much poetry on your world?" he started with, because it seemed a good, neutral, topic, but he also enjoyed poetry, and he didn't think she would think him too soft for it. (Not like Nyx.)

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