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Hold on and you've got to remember

Who: Rhys Dashasa ([personal profile] in_sects) and Koriand'r ([personal profile] trainedbywarlords)
Universe: Zodion-ish
What: Rhys, Star, and a night out

It seemed like a good way to get to know her better, to be able to sit formally across the table at a fancy restaurant (nice enough that Rhys would never have been able to afford the like back in Nasheen, but it was different here, where no one refused to hire him because of the color of his skin, or the fact that his ability to do magic wasn't so good after all).

It wasn't really a date, not in his mind anyway, because that would require communication between her family and his, and lead somewhere much faster than this. It was just the chance to talk to her with sex not being directly on the table, the chance to have a civilized conversation with a woman whose presence he enjoyed.

"Do you have much poetry on your world?" he started with, because it seemed a good, neutral, topic, but he also enjoyed poetry, and he didn't think she would think him too soft for it. (Not like Nyx.)
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This was definitely a nice restaurant. She always did enjoy going out with friends. It gave them that much more time to be together. She had dressed up a bit for the occasion, but she had worn something more conservation than she might normally have chosen. He had told her some about his religion and she was going to be respectful of it.

"Poetry? Yes, we do. On both worlds I've come from. There's more of it on Earth though and I rather like what I've heard of it. I don't think I'm creative enough to write it though."

Nope, definitely didn't think he was weak for liking it. All of her friends on Earth had outside hobbies aside from fighting so it didn't come as strange for him to ask her about it.
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Conservative was pretty much relative, especially for a woman who only a few years ago had made comments to her friends that suggested she'd be more comfortable in as little as possible so as covered as she was - though no where near what his world would consider modest - was modest for her. Having her arms covered and not showing cleavage were both steps in that direction for her though it was not as long or as loose as it should have been.

She nodded in agreement. "It is. There are a lot that talk about flowers and landscapes. Though I think one of my favorites is from the point of view of a bird, what its like to fly. It feels very free."
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"Yes, I suppose they fly too, but probably not as high as the birds." She does tilt her head slightly to the side when he comments on it being blind to reality. A personal opinion and she wasn't going to argue with that. But it did have her curious.

"You think? Do others fly in your world as well?"
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"Interesting. What kind of aliens do you get? Do they look like you or different?"

She can't help a smile. "Well if you ever want to find out what it is like to fly, I can help with that."
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"Interesting... must be hard to tell them a part then."

And now for the explanation. "All of the people from my world back fly. It is a normal ability we have."
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"Oh no... Well, I hope you find her when you return home. It's a shame that she was kidnapped. If she is so similar in appearance it will be difficult unless you are there to see the mannerisms."

"No, we use the energy of the sun. We can absorb it, like plants do and we can use it to fly."
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"That's good then. You'll be able to find her." She's rather optimistic even though she didn't know that for sure.

"Well, do you know how ships work? Using energy as a source? Essentially we can do that, use the energy we absorb to propel us forward through the air. So no, I don't shapeshift, but I have a friend who can."
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She's not going to ask anymore about that. It seems like he really doesn't want to go into it and was probably more of a sensitive subject for him.

"No you're right it doesn't. Essentially it is excess energy that we absorb from sunlight. If it is focused downward, it can push us it to the air or keep is going in a direction. I can always show you. That might help."
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It was kind of similar to her. She had things about her past that she didn't want to talk about. She talked openly about things she liked, but the pain of her past was sealed from even her best friends.

"Yes. It is the one ability they allowed me to keep though it's very restricted. I have several I can't use at all. It is curious."
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"I wouldn't mind showing you. I like showing others. You can either go flying with me if you like."

"What power do you have here?"
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"Great! I can take you for a short flight after dinner!" She grinned. Flying was the thing that made her feel like herself and she was more that willing to let others experience it as well. Too bad they were muted so she couldn't take him very high.

"So the bugs help with the healing?"
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"I won't I promise! I've flown with my friends before and there has never been an issue."

"Wow that's amazing! I didn't know that they could do that! That's a wonderful ability to have."
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She thinks about that for a long moment. It was definite an interesting thought, but at the same time, didn't seem odd to her. She had seen so many different abilities that something like that was practically normal.

"I think everyone does. And that's why some people have gifts that might be different from others. Besides, if everyone had the same ability it would be boring."

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