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I'd rather laugh with the sinners

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] juste_ou_mort)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Ky, not recognizing each other, dancing

An eyebrow notched up under Sol's mask as he took in the movement, graceful and certain as it was. Impressive, and a little more restrained than how he thought most people in this room would choose to hint for things. Sol had been planning only for a dance, but he couldn't think of any good reasons why that would be the case.

There was the cold fact that every time he had sex in this place it gave the gods a little more power...but his own abstention would just make this worse for him, and if they were going to bring the twelve down it wasn't going to be that way. A better strategy would be to simply all kill themselves and take from their store of energy that way -- and given how stupid of an idea that was it just made it clear how much they should avoid it.

Sol ran his hand up to the back of his partner's neck, exerting some slight amount of pressure there as he moved closer with the step of the dance. There was a part of him that itched to know how flexible this person was, how much he could bend on the dance floor, how much of a contrast he would serve to Sol's own carefully steady movements. There was another part of him that just wanted to focus on touching.
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Ky wouldn't have thought of it as "restrained". Pointed, yes. Suggestion a little more prominent than maybe he'd intended, but it felt like what he'd wanted to do. This place was getting to him, creeping under his boundaries and pushing them until he did things like this.

Of course it was the "gods" that urged him and the others, but all the same there was a draw he hadn't really anticipated... Which certainly didn't make it any better to do and only cemented it for what it was in the eyes of the Church, but... With the hand wandering up his back to settle at his neck and the chemicals running through his bloodstream, thinking on that took effort he wasn't giving it.

If his partner wanted to know how flexible he was, it wouldn't be difficult to find out. Ky was willing to bend and arch for him, like this, with the right incentive, with more pushing. It was all in the right direction as it was, but...

Somewhere along the way, Ky'd brought them close enough to a wall to press his partner back against.
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It wasn't strictly intentional, catching his partner like this, but all the same it's where this led. Like this, with his head halfway to nonsense and too caught up in being touched. But even then, Ky's aware of the way that grip tightens and, though he presses firmly in, he drags them both away from the wall. There really is more to dancing than that, after all. It's like it's all just a coincidental brush against the surface, maybe a pause, just part of how they've been moving across the floor.

Teasing, maybe. Just a little bit more. Something to paint a better picture of where this could go.

But that reaction, that warning, did exactly the opposite of what it should have done, Ky's sure. That shouldn't have encouraged anything, shouldn't have made him want to keep his partner there.

Something wrong? But his lips curved a little too much, just a little too amused. But every step was closer, kept them tighter together--until Ky held his arm out, stepping back and introducing a space he didn't want in the least between them. Empty air, no touch, no contact. At least, not until he pulled his partner back in close, arm wound around his waist and back to chest.
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He just wanted their movements to be closer, tighter, and with plenty more behind them. It was terrible, honestly; he shouldn't, particularly not with a man. But he'd already been with one enough times to find something inherently desirable in it.

Same went for the build. Ky was wiry, built thin and slender by comparison, and sure there was probably something amusing in the gesture, in the step, but then he was leading, wasn't he? Something should have been familiar about the man's voice, but it was fuzzy, hazy to his hearing and nothing registered as familiar.

Still unwilling to speak, Ky pressed his lips close to his partner's ear.

I don't think I do. But there's just enough breath for something to be audible, whispered without a thread of vocal input. You are following me, aren't you? All the same, Ky unwound them, bringing his partner back until again they were face to face.