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Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) wrote in [community profile] birdwithoutasong2013-06-03 06:34 pm
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Sooner or later it comes down to fate

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] juste_ou_mort)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Ky, awkward date night

Sol's not used to Ky joking, no, hasn't spent the time around him in a casual sort of setting to really have any idea what his sense of humor is actually like these days. Though that fact is starting to shift too, with the way that Zodion is pressing them together.

And yeah, kid, there's something a little pointless to giving as much as he can to everything he does, regardless of if the venture demands that sort of effort or not. Sol would disagree, but it's not an argument worth having, mostly because of that whole point of throwing good energy after bad, and how much Sol isn't interested in that.

Sol gestures at a waiter, taking Ky at face value. He wants his food, not to make more idle chitchat. He orders quickly, and yes, he's having beer with dinner. Maybe he should have ordered some for the boy scout as well, he could use to loosen up, but that brings his mind back to the fact that this is a set-up for a date and he doesn't really need Ky loosening up in his general direction.

So he'll just tear into the basket of bread that the waiter brought instead.

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