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Sooner or later it comes down to fate

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] juste_ou_mort)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Ky, awkward date night

Sol's not used to Ky joking, no, hasn't spent the time around him in a casual sort of setting to really have any idea what his sense of humor is actually like these days. Though that fact is starting to shift too, with the way that Zodion is pressing them together.

And yeah, kid, there's something a little pointless to giving as much as he can to everything he does, regardless of if the venture demands that sort of effort or not. Sol would disagree, but it's not an argument worth having, mostly because of that whole point of throwing good energy after bad, and how much Sol isn't interested in that.

Sol gestures at a waiter, taking Ky at face value. He wants his food, not to make more idle chitchat. He orders quickly, and yes, he's having beer with dinner. Maybe he should have ordered some for the boy scout as well, he could use to loosen up, but that brings his mind back to the fact that this is a set-up for a date and he doesn't really need Ky loosening up in his general direction.

So he'll just tear into the basket of bread that the waiter brought instead.
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Well, it is something he does now and again. Not that it's ever particularly light, tending more towards black humour and sarcasm more often than not. Something maybe Sol will come to find familiar at some point, considering that yes, the place does seem to want to press them together (in more than one sense...).

Sol's rarely interested in investing energy in anything that isn't some unique concept to him that only he understands, as far as Ky's concerned. It isn't something he'll understand and he's well aware of the fact. Now to just be able to accept it...

You can have your beer, Sol, just don't mind Ky asking for a glass of white wine (no need to order a beer for him). Red isn't to his tastes except on certain occasions, and white goes better with what he tends to prefer eating. Which happens to be something involving fish, going by his order.


But yes, feel free to start on the bread, Sol; Ky's content to sit in his awkward space for the duration of this until the situation decides it's done with them.
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How unfortunate, because Ky has plenty he wants to say. There's too much to discuss, plenty they need to go over and isolate and arrange in such a way that can be managed, compartmentalized by Ky and confronted.

"Sol--" But of course he's going to be ignored for now, with Sol making unpleasant faces at the emptied basket. Ky makes a sound in his throat of annoyance, partially to call attention to himself, but his wine's handed to him and he turns his own attention there for the moment.

And tries again as their meals are laid out.

"About that... week, Sol." Is it really appropriate to bring it up here? His glass is to his lips with that thought.
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For once, Ky doesn't really blame Sol for wanting to avoid the topic. Doesn't get as bent out of shape over the way he doesn't say a word. But all the same, there's a quiet sense of rejection in that, and Ky isn't even sure why. It isn't the usual that he gets from being shut down (because somehow, Sol has his respect and he trusts the man, and it can smart now and again whenever he's reminded that it doesn't go both ways), but that's probably the fault of the subject he tried to broach. Or at least, that's what it seems like.

But the fact is that it happened and Ky wants to straighten it out in words, not just dismissal and shame. Because that's part of the issue, isn't it? Shame.

Ky sets his wine glass down before he takes too much of it at once.

He distracts himself from those thoughts with a disapproving look shot at Sol; really, he can eat however he wants provided he remembers how to be an adult at the table. Not that Ky thinks Sol'd even give any such scolding the time of day, so rather than voicing it, Ky turns his attention to his meal and eating it in a way better suited to polite company.