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You didn't count on me when you were counting on your rosary

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Ky Kiske ([personal profile] juste_ou_mort)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Ky, first time
Warning: Sex

Kids fired up by passion and a wave of sexual desire -- both natural and finally finding its way free of the repression and artificial as the result of holding out too long -- do really dumb things, and if Ky isn't rejecting the idea of Sol in this context, that might well just be a result of that. Still, Sol's too selfish to reject Ky, too willing to damn the consequences when it comes to having him like this. It's too late to turn back anyway, and isn't that just a convenient excuse?

The resemblance to the norm is also something he can't deny, though, because Ky has always been pushing for a reaction, always put himself up to try at an adulthood he doesn't understand, and always tried to push at things he doesn't understand. In this case, however, Sol is quite a bit more willing to enlighten him. It would have been different had Ky just come with the expectation of having questions answered, but this is the kind of demonstration that Sol can justify.

Perhaps not everything can be as simple as Sol would prefer, but some things can be, some ought to be. And most things cause more trouble when they get more complicated. Like this, even if it's not yet causing as much trouble as it will, even if it's all pleasure and desire right now. Even when he's in a selfish mood, even when the circumstances are something Sol's willing to deal with, that doesn't mean that he deludes himself that they don't exist. He will have to do something more because this is complicated, he will have to give more of something that he doesn't want to give -- even if the giving more just comes in the form of putting more effort into avoiding Ky.

Just because Ky thinks that he can't be anything but steadfast in his duty, just because he thinks that he should let it subsume who he is as an individual, doesn't mean that he's right. Not that Sol's one to lecture -- nor would he -- but Ky's done what he needed to in the war, and what he's involved in now is so much bigger than himself that doing something besides reading a book for personal uses every once in a while would be perfectly justified. The fact that Ky and Sol are going to fuck now doesn't reflect at all on Ky's ability to do his duty, and engaging in something like this -- if not with Sol -- on his own world wouldn't have had any terrible consequence.

Sol wouldn't rush to say that Ky's enjoying it more than him, even beyond the fact that Sol's not rushing to say anything at all. After all, more enthusiastic doesn't necessarily mean more than simply putting more energy into it -- and with most people in their planned positions it would be easier for the one in Sol's position to use energy.

But it seems like the kid needs to top him -- in this, at least, even if not sexually -- in terms of energy used, because even though Sol's the one who has to get up and move, Ky probably dissipates more just through his own movements and that little stream of crackling.

Sol's got no need to unnecessarily dawdle once he's got the lube, and he can take in just how good Ky looks, his restless shifting and the way he's on his knees and Sol has to remember to swallow -- not a reaction he's used to, or remotely comfortable with -- and then he's making his way back, gloves hitting the ground a couple feet away.

Sol stands over Ky for a moment before he shoves at his back, trying to push him forward. He doesn't want him off his knees, just wants him on his hands at well, if they're going to do it like this. He wants to stop thinking about it, and it hasn't been gentle for a while, so maybe it's better to just let it not be, maybe it will go more smoothly this way. He doesn't really kid himself that Ky's going to want it like that, but Ky doesn't really know what he's doing, and Sol's coating a finger with lube so all he needs is Ky to accept the position long enough for him to start actually getting into it, which Sol's sure will happen sooner or later.

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