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I touch your lips with mine

Who: Sol Badguy ([personal profile] firesealed) and Testament ([personal profile] bloodstainedlineage)
Universe: Zodion, and continued from a log started there
What: Sol, Testament, not recognizing each other, blowjobs
Warning: Sex

Sol presses a hand flat against the man's thigh, more to brace him than to brace Sol. His other hand moves against the base as Sol takes the whole thing into his mouth. He's willing to ignore that startled sound, dismissing it as not really all that relevant in the face of the texture under his tongue, the slightly salty taste of him.

He chases his tongue along a vein, and it's not really his intent to show how this should be done, but if that's a side effect then it's not a particularly bad one.
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It might not be his intent but Testament is learning from it anyway, even distracted as he is by the pleasure of having that mouth on him, the feel of the hand pressed on his thigh (the noise he makes is quiet, but his pleasure is evident in it). He's trying to keep himself still, though the tension in his body gives away how much he's having a hard time with it and he still doesn't have any idea what to do with his hands.

Without thinking, his hand catches long hair, but is very careful not to pull (at least for now), the other one settling on a broad shoulder.
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Testament won't last long, anyway, between his inexperience, how much his desire is running high between the aphro and his own, and how very touch-sensitive he is: his nails dig into his partner's shoulder, hard enough to leave livid marks (but not drawing blood, yet).

It's easier, far easier, to sink into sensation, into feeling, into pleasure, shivering and trembling with it, entirely thoughtless, without thought burdening it down, making it difficult. Normally, he thinks and overthinks, though not now.
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His nails dig in all the harder, breathing catching in his throat for a moment: when this is done, the other man's shoulder will be marked to all hell and back, raw scratches all over it, other hand dropping from the long hair to fumble for his back, to dig in there too. He doesn't make much sound, but the way he's clawing makes up for that, most likely.

He can't keep still anymore, however much he tries, narrow hips arching into it as well as into the fingers curled against his thigh.
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He makes a quiet noise, low in his throat, when that tongue swipes across him, fingers pressing in even harder, slender body rigid with tension: everything is narrowing even more, even more than before, everything drawn tight and thin feeling as though he might break. It's too much but not enough, hips snapping up sharply.

And even not thinking, he has a hard time just letting go.
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It's enough, more than enough to break that tension, break everything, and the noise Testament makes as he comes, as he shatters and lets go, aware of absolutely nothing but pleasure, feeling, sensation, is something close to a soft sob, caught and pinned, trembling, nails digging in hard enough to draw blood, before he stills.

And unbeknownst to him, his familiar has been perched high in a nearby tree, watching (and another thing he's going to be more than unhappy about when he's aware again).
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It takes a few moments for Testament to pull himself back together, still coming down from that high of pleasure, but it's at least easy to do so physically, pulling down the layers of gossamer skirts. Mentally is another story entirely: while there's still aphro affecting him, it's not the complete lack of thinking that he'd come here with, and he's angry at the entire situation.

(not at the man he was with - this place has its ways of forcing people into things, it's clear to him now, but definitely at this entire place and their gods).

He doesn't know the man's face, but there's the nagging sense of familarity: that he knows that build and those hands, and in entirely a different context than this.
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It would have been simpler for both of them, as well as considerably less awkward, if Testament hadn't figured out who he'd just done this with, or figured it out later. Unfortunately, it clicks for him soon after his identity had clicked for Sol: he recognizes those hands, familiar under an entirely different context.

(after all, with how many times he'd been on the losing end of fighting him...)

"," he hisses, eyes narrowing behind the mask.
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Talking it through especially wouldn't help with the two of them, given how prone they are to arguments when they're coincidentally in the same place, and not anything as emotionally fraught as this situation. Instead, he grits his teeth, straightens, and walks away.

(they'll get into it another time, to be certain. but now is not that time.)