Apr. 10th, 2015

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Who: Kaito and Edmund
Universe: Ariel
What: Taking a thread from Ariel into musebox

Baby it's cold outside )
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Pick one of my characters and I'll toss a disney/fairytale au scenario at you! I've got some rough descriptions of their roles below. You can start, or you can just give their name in a top-level and I’ll write something up. These can be shippy or not, although given the descriptions I’ll probably tend towards that way unless you tell me you don’t want that

Alec: Damsel in distress, suicidal, who thinks this whole thing is stupid and this story can be ended if anyone at any point just solves the problem of the ‘princess’ for good

Annabel: Necromancer, who tries to find love by bringing hers back from the dead

Dominic: Knight, who’s pretty sure that he’s supposed to slay the ‘dragon’ but might end up falling in love with him/her instead

I-No: The evil witch, finds delight in other people’s suffering

Ivy: The persecuted heroine, who badly wants to believe in love but doesn’t really believe that it can trump the facts of life

Kai: Prince charming, careful and earnest, hugely romantic who thinks that life’s course can be changed by love

Ky: Either the hero, earnest but not very good at people, or the damsel in distress who’s going to apologize for having to be rescued

Rose: Ghost girl, who will accept a coat in exchange for being able to touch and feel for a while

Sol: The dragon, why are you waking him up from his nap just to rescue a princess? He doesn’t have time for this crap.

Valentine: The evil king whose goal in all of this is power and also just seeing the ordinary people scramble


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